We source, crush and refine canola and meal for use in the home, the factory, restaurants, bakeries and livestock feedlots. 


We strive to continually improve our quality, health and environmental systems through surveillance audits from SAI Global. Below are our current certifications for our plants and operations.

What We Do

Australia is the world’s second largest exporter of Canola seedand GrainCorp is a significant player in the industry 

GrainCorp Oilseeds provides the components for cooking oil, spreads and shortening, prepared foods, meal for dairy, poultry and livestock, cosmetics and lubricants, fuels and other industrial applications.  

We source oilseeds from growers and accumulators in Australia to crush and create products, including crude degummed oil, refined bleached oils and Canola meal, a by-product of oilseed crush which is used for animal feed.  

We’re the largest producer of solvent and expeller Canola oil in Australia.  

Together with Nuseedwe provide solutions for increasingly healthconscious oil consumers. We are committed to closedloop Identity Preserved production and processing programs for Monola™, a high stability Canola oil well suited to frying applications.

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The GrainCorp way

While our GrainCorp team is diverse, we each believe in our values:  

We care

We deliver

We stay safe

We do what’s right